Top Marks For Posca Markers

There is a lot of hype about Posca markers in NZ and worldwide. The markers have a non-toxic, water-based formula producing dense and vibrant colours on a variety of surfaces. They’re permanent on most porous surfaces and removable when used on glass. Because of their versatility, Posca is the marker of choice for street artists, as well as for those in the life custom, fine art, education and creative leisure communities.  

A prestigious art blog in the United States compared various brands and rated Posca as the best acrylic paint marker on their list. They were suitably impressed with the smooth flow of paint out of the markers, the range of tip sizes allowing for detailed work or filling in, the vibrant and highly-pigmented colours and the ability for Posca markers to adhere to up to 50 surfaces!

As a leading art and craft supplier, passionate about selling only the very best products, we can only agree! We give Posca markers top marks for all the reasons stated by the blog we referred to. One of those reasons, the ability to adhere to so many surfaces, is where Posca comes into its own. Not only can the markers be used on all these surfaces, making them very versatile for artists working in different fields, but the high pigment levels and sheer vibrancy of the colours mean they will continue to look good for longer.

The most popular surfaces to use Posca markers include:

  • Wood: Posca markers leave their colourful mark on polished and rough wood, both indoors and outdoors. Posca is the brand of choice for many skateboarders wanting to customise their decks.
  • Fabrics, textiles and skins: Many a sneaker has been given the Posca treatment as well as other forms of clothing, soft furnishings and decorative items. 
  • Glass: Posca colours take on added depth and luminosity when applied to glass, either in fine lines or bigger patterns. Can easily be washed off with water when it’s time to start again. 
  • Ceramics: Superb across all ceramic forms. Designs are temporary if the ceramic is treated e.g. glazed porcelain, or permanent otherwise e.g. fired clay.
  • Paper and cardboard: Posca marker paints adhere permanently on paper and cardboard of all calibre, and they don’t bleed on paper.
  • Plastic: This can be a notoriously difficult surface for marker paint to stick to but Posca allows for perfection adherence.
  • Metals: Posca adheres well to metals and the colour is permanent on rough or porous metals and erasable on perfectly smooth metals.
  • Minerals: From smooth stones to concrete walls, Posca is a bright and long-lasting marker for mineral surfaces.
  • Canvas: Posca confirms its versatility by bringing different colours and tip sizes to conventional canvas surfaces.

No matter how you like to express yourself artistically, and regardless of the surface, Posca markers are as close to perfect as you can get. Shop Posca markers online now and to find out more about the range and the best markers to use for your creative pursuits, contact us today.