fiskars heavy duty craft knife (takes #11 blades)
fiskars replacement blades #11 pack of 5
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fiskars 6inch mini guillotine - 5 sheetfiskars 6inch mini guillotine - 5 sheet
FISKARS Fiskars 6inch Mini Guillotine - 5 Sheet
$25.59 List Price$31.99
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fiskars scissor sharpener
FISKARS Fiskars Scissor Sharpener
In stock, 255 units
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fiskars rotary cutter 45mm (b) blade
FISKARS Fiskars Rotary Cutter 45mm (b) Blade
$25.07 List Price$29.49
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fiskars 8inch left handed scissors
FISKARS Fiskars 8inch Left Handed Scissors
In stock, 1057 units
fiskars lever punch 2inch circle (xl) - diameter 1.73" 4.40cm
fiskars lever punch 1inch circle (m) - diameter 2.54cm
fiskars hand punch circle#Size_1/16fiskars hand punch circle#Size_1/8
FISKARS Fiskars Hand Punch Circle
In stock, 395 units
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fiskars cuts + more scissors
FISKARS Fiskars Cuts + More Scissors
In stock, 395 units
fiskars fingertip control craft knife (takes #11 blades)
fiskars cutting blades for personal trimmers pack of 2
fiskars surecut paper trimmer 12inchfiskars surecut paper trimmer 12inch
Fiskars Fiskars Surecut Paper Trimmer 12inch
In stock, 1069 units
fiskars craft mat 12.5inch x 12.5inch
FISKARS Fiskars Craft Mat 12x12inch
In stock, 58 units
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fiskars hi-profile cut blades titanium for trip/track trim pack of 2fiskars hi-profile cut blades titanium for trip/track trim pack of 2
fiskars squeeze punch (l) 1.5inch circle - diameter 3.80cmfiskars squeeze punch (l) 1.5inch circle - diameter 3.80cm
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fiskars soft touch micro tip scissors
FISKARS Fiskars Soft Touch Micro Tip Scissors
$32.79 List Price$40.19
In stock, 855 units
fiskars 8inch orange handle offset scissors
fiskars straight cutting knife#Size_9MMfiskars straight cutting knife#Size_18MM
FISKARS Fiskars Straight Cutting Knife
In stock, 1137 units
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fiskars 12inch euro fashion trimmer (i) bladefiskars 12inch euro fashion trimmer (i) blade
FISKARS Fiskars 12inch Euro Fashion Trimmer (i) Blade
$31.79 List Price$40.69
In stock, 126 units
fiskars squeeze punch (m) 1inch circle - diameter 2.50cm
fiskars squeeze punch (xl) 2inch circle - diameter 5.10cm
fiskars replacement blades pack of 10#Size_9MMfiskars replacement blades pack of 10#Size_18MM
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