Our Top Picks For Kids' Entertainment

Lockdowns, school holidays, wet weekends. Just a few of the reasons why we put so much time and effort into our Kids’ Creativity range. This is a collection of arts and crafts products for children that develop creativity, expand imagination, and beat boredom. Everything in the range is a lot of fun but here are a few of our Top Picks.

  • Snazaroo Face Paint is a timely selection because Halloween is on the horizon and these skin-friendly and water-based will be very popular, just as they are for birthday parties and any occasion when kids get together. Available in dozens of bold and bright colours.
  • Jovi Modelling Clay and Tools. Clay modelling is riding a new wave of popularity with Kiwi kids (and their parents) and we recommend Jovi as one of our favourite brands. It’s very easy for young hands to mould into shapes, plus it’s non-staining and easy to clean up, while the hardening clays let your children keep a permanent memento of their creations.
  • EC First Creations Markers and Crayons.   Kids will always love to play with colour but as a parent, you want to be sure they’re able to do so safely. That’s why we highly recommend EC First Creations markers and crayons as they’re non-toxic and specially designed for smaller hands to grip onto.
  • EC First Creation Tools. While we’re on the EC First Creation theme, check out their range of tools that add new dimensions to all the wonderful colours they provide us. Things like stampers, stencils, palm printers and roller sets allow for lots of self-expression and are always fun to use.
  • EC Dough And Accessories. This super-colourful dough is a heap of fun for kids and is very safe, non-toxic and washable for you. Their robust and junior-sized accessories are perfect companions when playing with the dough, including modelling tools and cutters in a variety of shapes including garden bugs, farm animals, fruit and vegetables.
  • EC Magic Sand. This stuff really is magic! EC Magic Sand can be moulded into all sorts of shapes, and then instantly returned into sand form again so your kids can start work on a new creation. As you’d expect from EC, there’s a wide range of colours.

That’s just a few of our favourites in our kids arts and crafts range. Check out the rest of the Kids’ Creativity range for more inspirational ways to keep your children amused and entertained. As always, we are here to give you any advice and product information you need. Simply contact us - we’ll be happy to help.