Work Smarter With Our Home Office Essentials - Hobby Land Blog

If the succession of lockdowns has forced you from your usual office and into a home-based working space, then we have everything you need to work smarter while working from home. We have one of the finest ranges of office supplies in NZ, and it just confirms that Hobby Land is not just about art and craft pleasure - we’re also indispensable when there’s work to be done too!   

Our home office essentials include everything you need: stationery, printer inks and toners, filing and storage, office tech, and office furniture. And, for your efficiency and comfort in the working environment, we also stock a superb collection of ergonomic office furniture from the world-leading Fellowes and Kensington brands.

Our ergonomic products include:

  • Fellowes Hana Keyboard Wrist Supports that let you keep your wrist in a neutral position while typing and provides support for the forearm. 
  • Fellowes Hana Foot Support to support your feet and encourage motion to improve circulation and back comfort while you’re seated.
  • Kensington SoleMassage Footrest is a touch of luxury under your desk that will let you pamper your tired feet and invigorate your ankles and legs.
  • Fellowes Lotus Sit/Stand Workstation allows you to alternate between sitting and standing as you work. The more time you spend on your feet at work, the better your overall standard of health will be - but there’s nothing wrong with sitting every now and then. This workstation makes it easy to do both those things.
  • Kensington Anti Fatigue Mat is the ideal companion for any standing workstation as it maximizes the health benefits of standing while working and is ergonomically engineered to reduce fatigue on legs, back and feet 
  • Kensington Smartfit Dual Monitor Arm allows you to easily adjust your monitor to optimum viewing height which reduces the strain on your neck and makes life much more comfortable as you work.
  • Fellowes Hana Laptop Riser is ideal if you work from a laptop, as tens of thousands of Kiwis do. This elevates your laptop to a comfortable viewing position to reduce eye, neck and shoulder strain.
  • Fellowes Lumbar Back Support will give your back crucial support while you’re seated at your desk for prolonged periods. With back pain being the most common injury in New Zealand, products like this are essential in any home office.  

Work smarter, work healthier! With our range of ergonomic office products, you can do both. If you want to find out more about any of our home office supplies, feel free to contact us at any time.